Visit SIGdial & INLG 2023

11-15 September 2023 | Prague

Online Tools for In-Person and Virtual Conference

Chat on Discord

Use the invite link to join the conference Discord.

  • Follow announcements in the INTRO/general channel.
  • Meet other fellow researchers and introduce yourself in the INTRO/random-social
  • Ask in the INTRO/help-me channel.
  • Visit the dedicated workshops, keynotes, or oral sessions channels and start chatting with your fellow researchers.
  • Use Discord instead of the built-in Zoom chat to ask & comment during the oral sessions. The Zoom chat will not be monitored.
  • If you are presenting a paper, please introduce yourself in the channel dedicated to the sessions containing your presentation, so others can easily contact you.
  • Discuss virtually presented posters on Friday September 15 at 9:00am CEST in one of the VIRTUAL POSTERs category voice channels.

Watch on Zoom

During workshop days on Monday and Tuesday the following workshop will be streamed on Zoom:

The following Zoom links will be used during the conference. Each link corresponds to a room at the venue in Prague.

When you are logged in, you can always find the right Zoom link in the conference schedule.

Recommended Workflow

  1. Go to Program / Schedule (calendar).
  2. Click on one of the currently happening sessions in the calendar. The session opens in the day-by-day view.
  3. Open the corresponding sessions's Discord channel on e.g., Keynote Dupoux on Wednesday. Monitor organisational updates or ask questions.
  4. Open the Zoom session to watch the video feed.
  5. After the session, feel free to Return to the Discord channel to discuss the session with the presenter and your fellow participants.

Important Website Features

  • See the detailed schedule in the calendar under the Program / Schedule menu.
  • See the list of all presented papers under the Program / Papers menu.
  • Access camera-ready PDFs of the papers, as well as corresponding Zoom & Discord links at each paper's detail page (login required).
  • Links to workshops are under the Program / Workshops menu as well as in the schedule.

If you have any questions regarding Zoom or Discord, please contact Ondrej Platek.

Please Register & Login to Unlock the Online Presence

You first need to register for the conference in order to access the online features of SIGDIAL & INLG 2023. Online registration is free for non-presenters.

After your register, please use the Log in button on the top right of any page on this website. On mobile devices, Log in is the last category in the main menu. Logging-in is required for access to Discord, Zoom, or to download camera ready papers in pdf format.

To log in, please use the same e-mail you used for conference registration on Eventbrite. When you open the log-in screen for the first time, simply click Sign up and choose a password. Only emails registered on Eventbrite will be allowed to proceed. You then need to confirm your account by clicking a link sent to you by email.

Known Problems

  • Prevent Cross-Site Tracking needs to be turned-off: The Auth0 authentication service, which is used for logins, needs to use cross-site tracking since it allows logging to this website, but it handles the authentication under its own domain.

If you have questions regarding authentication for this website, please contact Ondrej Platek.